Using Excel as your CRM

Using Excel As Your CRM

Millions of businesses around the world recognise the importance of keeping all of their contacts, and sales activities, in one place.  They don’t necessarily want all of the features of a cloud based CRM, but want to be able to do the following:

  • keep records of client details
  • keep records of client interactions
  • keep records of sales activity

Using Excel as your CRM covers those bases.

As a business that manages the CRM of thousands of clients, some of them using Excel, we have seen all manner of templates and formats!

One we love, and refer many clients to is available here.

It’s simple.  It’s free.  And it has some added features.

It is also a great one to use if you are migrating your data from one CRM to another.

If using a CRM is new to you, and you want to learn about managing your CRM, getting the most out of your CRM, then join us to discuss all things Customer Relationship Management at our upcoming webinar on YouTube here.


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