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Top 5 Outsourcing Options for A Sales Person.

Onshoring.  Offshoring.  Nearshoring.  ‘I just want to sit on the beach’ shoring.

(Obligatory ‘working from the beach’ shot.  Pffft!  Who wants sand in their laptop?!?  Photo from the great people at )

It’s the trendy discussion to have.

But when it comes to B2B selling, outsourcing is only just being brought into the conversation.

You see, there is this little thing called ego and control.

And neither of those things are bad.  Let’s face it, one needs a certain amount of ego to survive in B2B sales.  Andcontrol over your process is something that will always pay dividends.

If you can put those things aside for one minute, and have a good look at your Sales Process, you will see that there is ample opportunity to outsource parts of your process – that aren’t client facing.

And I would bet that the client facing parts are where your strengths are… so do more of that!

1.  Social Media.

This will be a no brainer for those who recognise that their personal brand is of value to themselves, their company and their career.  From creating content, to scheduling posts, or monitoring engagement, outsourcing the social media part of your process is one of the easiest to do.  We recommend companies like EzyVA for this.

2.  Telemarketing.

If telemarketing is a part of your process, and you are still doing cold calls yourself, I really want to ask WHY?!?  Imagine waking up on Monday morning with a schedule that is absolutely full of warm, face to face, meetings.  Now imagine not having to squeeze any time in, to make telemarketing calls.  Also ask yourself how much energy it takes to do those calls?  What other activities could you be doing instead?

3. Calendar management.

There are plenty of appointment scheduling apps out there – but are you using one?  Doodle is a favourite that we use with our clients… but even with access to Doodle, our clients still prefer for us to manage their calendar for them.  Once you set the parameters, getting a VA to help you manage your tasks in your calendar will ensure that ‘things’ won’t slip through the cracks.

4.  Email management.

When it comes to ‘things’ slipping through the cracks, how many times per week do you think to yourself, “Geez, I was meant to send through the order form for ABC Client last Monday…”  It’s not only a bad look, but how many sales are lost because of a lack of timely follow up?

5.  Data management.

The beloved inputting of CRM Data.  No one likes it.  Everyone does their best to avoid it.  But it is a valuable and necessary activity, with massive benefits for both the individual sales person, and head office.

Without quality CRM Data, the sales person has no history, the sales manager has nothing to manage, and head office has no comprehension of what is really happening out in the marketplace.

So the question is, what parts of the sales process do you outsource?  Do you let your sales people do what they do best – Sell?

Of course, we take care of numbers 3 – 5 easily with our Sales VA App, you can find out more here.

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