The Secret Language of Your CRM

There is a language that isn’t taught in any school on the planet.  It isn’t a spoken language, it is only ever typed.

And it isn’t HTML.

It’s The Secret Language of Your CRM.

And every industry has it’s own dialect of this language.

Let’s face it – every person using a CRM also has their version of this language.


Here is an insight into this language.






If you have any idea of what those mean, then you are a part of the CRM Secret Language club.  (It’s not really a thing.)

The question is this:  If you are only entering data containing this type of language, how valuable is it?

A CRM has a purpose – to record the communication between different parties, so that all parties involved can keep up to date.  If all that is entered is FU, and you fall ill for the next 2 weeks, what a waste of time it will be if your business partner picks up the phone to follow up and they find out that your FU included an order, that order was delivered and the client expressly communicated to call in 8 weeks time for another order? Awkward to say the least.

I know it can be hard to enter data in, in the first place, but what is the point of having a CRM at all, if all that is entered is this non-existent language?

PS.  What are some of your own Secret Language inputs?

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