Natasha Zuvela

The Juggle of Business and Family.

A commitment to being world class in your business, while being dedicated to deep relationships with your family and friends is a commitment which requires a clear mind… and 2 cups of coffee in the morning!

We visited Natasha Zuvela for this #dayinthelife feature.  Natasha is the CEO of Shine on Camera – a business which taps into the on camera potential of business owners around the world, giving them the confidence to represent their business and engage their video hungry audience.

Natasha runs the business with her husband, Tom,  while raising their 2 gorgeous children. Not unlike so many of us in the current business environment, Natasha is constantly searching for the balance between developing a global brand and a wholesome family life.

Daily rituals feature strongly in the lives of Natasha and Tom – and starting off with 2 coffee’s together is just the start of it.  Living on the water in Australia, allows each of them to stand up paddleboard each morning, followed by a Big Dream Chat before the kids wake up.  The kids are then focused on and they walk together, to school, as a family.

Once in the office, the game is on!  The focus in the office is on service calls, rather than sales calls – and working out if their service is the right fit for their prospective client, is more important than selling a Shine on Camera course to someone who isn’t a suitable fit.

Over the next few days we are going to be sharing more insights into a #dayinthelife – confidence, secrets and systemize will all feature.

You can connect with Natasha here.

Natasha has a great insight in this video on how to approach a service call.

Great tip from @natashazuvela in how to approach a service call. #dayinthelife #business #sales

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