The 2 Networking Follow Up Actions – To Impress Beyond Measure.

Networking events.  Some people love them.  Some people loathe them.  However you feel about them, there is no point in attending if you don’t do anything with them.

Your pre-networking event routine is a whole other post.  Today, let’s focus on what happens after.

Does this sound familiar to you?

You connected with a handful of people at the event.  You looked at your watch numerous times, as you have back to back appointments to get to after the event.  You ate all the food you could (who knows when you’ll have time to eat next… right?!?)  And you ran out the door, promising the last person you spoke to that you would follow them up for coffee.

Now, be honest with me.  What do you do next?

The majority of people will shove those business cards into their pocket, maybe fish them out before they wash, then shove them into the briefcase.  By the end of the week, they will definitely be actioned and uploaded into the CRM. You will get to it.  Really you will!

No you won’t.

There is absolutely no point to even attending a networking event, if there is no follow up plan.

(Just like there is no point to doing a client meeting if there is no follow up plan ;)

One of the greatest Top Of Mind Awareness mentors that I have seen, was the late, great, Geoff Kirkwood.  Owner of BNI in Australia for approximately 15 years, he was the expert in post networking event follow ups.

Here are 2 of the greatest Networking Tips (learnt from Geoff Kirkwood), that will take all of 5 minutes, but will massively improve your investment into networking.

1.  Put follow up into your calendar.  Only 5 minutes is needed in your car, after a networking event, to initiate the follow up process.

2.  Use those 5 minutes to send a voice memo to each person you connected with.  Something along the lines of; “Hey John, It’s Emma Monro.  It was great to connect with you this morning, and I am looking forward to learning more about your business during that coffee catch up we discussed.  I will be in the city next Wednesday, what time would suit you?”  The voice memo app on your iphone will do this so easily.  This starts the follow up process, it inputs the email address into your gmail, and it puts the ball in John’s court.  Immediacy is the key – how impressed and surprised is John going to be?

After that, it is up to you.

What are the best Networking strategies that you have implemented?

PS.  If you find this process so easy it blows your mind in its simplicity, while also being massively effective?  Then you will find Sales VA a dream to look after all of your follow up requirements!

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