Steve Claydon

The Truth Always Wins.

What place does truth have in the sales process?

The highest of places, says Steve Claydon.

You know that unless you put a clients mind at ease, they are initially going to have a prejudice against you at the start of your relationship… unless you give them reason to think otherwise.  

Steve Claydon started out his journey as a car salesman.  And quickly became so successful that he became not only a leading performer, but also a gun sales trainer.

Why?  Because he was able to draw out his clients fears, expectations and hesitancy by calling them out.  By being honest.

This strategy may feel awkward with layers and layers of ‘techniques’ that have been taught over the years.  And yes, technique still has it place.

Sometimes though, your best ‘technique’ is knowing the perceptions, objections and stalls that are going on in your clients mind, and calling them out.  Being upfront with them.  Getting ahead of the conversation.

As Steve said during our interview, “Go with the perception, rather than fight it, then educate them on what you will do differently.”


The truth always wins. Upcoming #dayinthelife series on Steve Claydon. #sales #crm #truth

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