Tanya Williams, Digital Conversations

Day in the life of Tanya Williams, Chief of Everything

I have been running Digital Conversations for over 18 months.  Also, I have just launched a new business, in custom digital training, called Sofistika, with a business partner.

I don’t class myself as a salesperson, but I do pitch to clients.  So one can sale I am in sales. I am usually up bright and early, (not as early as some though) and find myself most productive in the morning. My day is always scheduled (yep, I am OCD organised).  I need to be in order to get everything done.

5am Most days I try to get up and either go to Boxing or Group Training classes. It gives me the energy I need to get through the day, and is just the kickstart I need.

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7am I’m usually at my desk bright and early (even earlier if I skip exercise).  While I start answering my many emails that have appeared between sleep and rise, I try and make a point to listen to my theme song (Unwritten by Natasha Beddingfield).   Working in a global 24/7 digital world, my Inbox is usually packed before I start the day. I love the efficiency of email and that I can communicate with clients and strategic partners so quickly. (I just hate waiting for responses!) That’s the problem with being a ‘want everything to happen now’ kind of gal.

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8.30am I am a big fan of video as a communication tool. I often record a quick client video in the morning. It adds a personal element to an email, and shows I have taken time and effort to communicate with a personalised touch.  It always gets a positive reaction from my clients, too.  I am big user of social media (it’s part of my job) so I am constantly checking into Facebook, Twitter and Linked during the day.  For pleasure I love Pinterest and Instagram.

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10am I love being near the water and find it calms me and allows me thinking time before my meetings. I love meeting with clients who are passionate about their business and dedicated to bringing their vision to life. It keeps me inspired and I love being around that kind of energy.

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11am One of the favourite parts of my job is when I have the opportunity to interview other CEO’s (here pictured with Karl Schwantes of Xennox Diamonds) for Having Digital Conversations.  I love the passion other business owners have for their business.  It is addictive.

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3pm Nothing better than getting home from a busy day of meetings to a gorgeous Thank you gift from Laquar.  Super personalised and guaranteed to put a huge grin from ear to ear. I love my business partners.

End of The Selling Day Routine

5.30pm One of my favourite parts of the day is wine time. If I am not at a networking event, I usually have a wine to wind down and have a brain break. It gives me a chance to breath, reboot & appreciate the day I’ve had (good & bad).

7.30-8pm After dinner and some trash TV, I’m usually back at my desk working ON the business and researching. There is never enough time in the day.

9.30pm This princess needs her sleep so I’m off to bed early so I can do it all over again tomorrow.

Tanya Williams, Chief of Everything at Digital Conversations