Prospecting 100 New Contacts a Week – What does it look like?

A team member that prospects 100 new people a week?  It’s a sales managers’ dream come true!

It’s no easy feat though.

Brendan Goleby, of Black Toyota, does exactly that.  100 new prospects per week.  But how?  With much planning and dedication.

Here are some of Brendan’s tips:

  • Starting at 5am with LinkedIn database maintenance
  • Getting on the road by 7am
  • Offer free LinkedIn training
  • Create events that value add, and invite people
  • Know what is happening in the community – show up, volunteer, spread the love
  • Have a plan for the week – prospecting 100 new people takes time
  • Communicate with people how they want to receive communication

One more tip?  Make sure you keep healthy on the road.  Keep it light and easy to digest.

Selling in the community

Selling in The Country – It’s all about community.

When you have a role which is all about building a community, you better make sure you are genuine about it.  The community you are serving will see through you quickly, if you are doing it purely for your own needs.  

People of the country will also quickly identify a salesperson who sells via means of manipulation – and it doesn’t go down well.

Add massive value and invest the time though, and one will be rewarded with loyalty.   

During our ‘Day In The Life’ feature on Brendan Goleby, of Black Toyota, we ‘popped’ into a community event.  Not only did we get to touch base with other corporate supporters of this gardening community, we were able to share with a local member of the press about what we were doing… and get a feature in the newspaper.  A story about a story!

It was great to be able to see first hand what was going in this part of the community.

As Brendan Goleby said, “You’ve got to always be on the lookout to add value.  It is more than about ‘being seen’  It is about knowing and understanding what is important to the people.”