Investing In Your Team

Investing In Your Team.

“Our Mum always taught us that to create a cohesive work (and family) environment, that everyone is to have morning tea together.”

Graham and Nic are serious about this.  Appointments are made around morning tea.  And everyone shows up for it.  When customers come in during this time, they are welcomed and one of the team members will serve them.  For everyone else at the table, it is the perfect time to check in with them, see where their head is at, and address any challenges.  One team member a day is also asked to contribute something that they think can be improved in their systems.  This last activity is just another example of how Graham and Nic are focused on empowering their team to contribute solutions – and not just bring up problems.

Now let’s talk about the vibe.  Every team members brings a ‘get in and get it done,’ while being helpful, attitude.  The pace is fast and focused, while the discussions with clients are lively.

To say that Graham and Nic are invested in their team is an understatement.  As Graham said, “When members of our team leave our employment, we want them to leave with confidence.  We want them to leave with relevant skills.  We want them to understand the importance of their own personal brand – to either work for themselves, or to command some serious money.”