Rob Lowe of Evolve Digital

A Day In The Life of Rob Lowe – LinkedIn Expert – Not The Movie Star.

The first question Rob will ask you is this. How many leads did you generate for your business from LinkedIn in the past 7 days? If the answer to this question is “zero”​, or “not enough”​ then he says that you owe it to yourself and your business to reach out to Evolve Digital.

After spending a few hours with Rob, I tend to agree! I’ve never seen someone so excited, and so passionate about what they can do for their clients.

So what does a Day In The Life of a LinkedIn Marketing Strategist look like? We’ve got the breakdown here.

What’s the plan for the day?

I always start my morning off with a run with some friends. We start so early that we have time for a quick coffee. With such a jam packed day, this ritual is my anchor. It keeps me sane! Once I’m in the office, we have a quick debrief with the team, focus on the strategy for the day and share what big things are lined up.

Then my schedule gets hectic. Our team is active on our clients LinkedIn accounts every 2 hours, so between keeping an eye on that, and doing 6 client meetings a day – it can get crazy. I stay focused by staying passionate for the client in front of me, and excited about the opportunities of what we can do for them.

How do you deal with rejection?

I don’t get it a lot. We categorise our prospective clients into not ready, not yet, soon, and let’s do it. It is totally fine at whatever stage they are at. I don’t see that as a rejection. It’s certainly not a rejection of me as a person.

When needs align, business happens.

How do you use Social Media?

We focus all of our resources on LinkedIn. Yes, we do a little bit on all the platforms – but we see the biggest return from optimising and accelerating activity on LinkedIn. Most people haven’t even heard of optimising LinkedIn – it’s an industry secret that is so powerful, yet significantly undiscovered. The leads that come out of it are really strong, but often, the sales skills of a business will let them down. To add value we now find ourselves inadvertently training our clients to improve their sales skills. Strong leads + solid conversion mean that they can really measure their return on investment with us.

What do you love about what you do?

I love opening eyes up to the LinkedIn opportunity! The optimiser and accelerator plan really blows my mind. Can you tell I’m excited for my clients?

What do you find challenging?

Overcoming the lack of understanding of social media. I know that is my job, and it’s a massive generalisation – people are really starting from a base level when it comes to social media.


We also educate our clients on burn. If we are helping to generate really strong leads, they need be responded to within 2 hours. This is a really important time for the prospect and that must be respected.

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What do you dream of?

I dream of the elusive work/life balance. I am working on building an awesome team to take some of the time pressure off, while also delivering more superior service than I can do at the moment.  (See Rana Saini with Rob inset.)

I dream of moving to Bulimba (a beautiful suburb of Brisbane, Australia), cruising Antarctica, buying a white Q5 Audi and spending more time with my kids.

With such a busy life, how do you keep healthy?

Running daily and eating good food. I try to keep it all pretty simple. We have a healthy culture in the office – that helps to.

What is the ideal customer experience?

When the client ends up selling your own product back to you. That is the most exciting experience ever.


You can connect with Rob Lowe, of Evolve Digital here:

Brendan Goleby and Andrew Williams

Always Adding Value

Adding value to the community is a constant driving force for Brendan.  One of the ways he does this is to meet with local business owners and update their LinkedIn profiles for them.  In this meeting with Andrew Williams, owner of Elders Warwick, Brendan firstly delve into why Andrew could use LinkedIn to build his network.  Together, they identified how much time Andrew would need to invest on a weekly basis, along with who he would be able to initiate a connection with.

Once the strategy was agreed upon, the focus was moved to making sure that Andrew’s profile was in alignment with that strategy.  With the ‘real’ work done, conversation naturally flowed to wider business topics – including the upcoming Black Toyota Hilux launch.

And that is how business in the country is done.  Genuine people with a genuine purpose… using online tools to connect.

Lead Gen with LinkedIn

On The Road Again: A guide to building a database when on the move.

“You’ve got to be clear on your purpose when using LinkedIn.  My purpose is to bring the local community together, add value to them and identify opportunity for Black Toyota when appropriate.  It’s all about keeping top of mind in the community.  LinkedIn happens to be the best online platform for our community.  I spend at least an hour on documenting and keeping in contact with our community through LinkedIn at 5am, then work more on it in between meetings.  It’s something that constantly needs to be managed.”

Brendan Goleby and Edward O'Dwyer of Black Toyota

A Day In The Life of The Dream Job

What does your dream job look like?

Brendan Goleby doesn’t need to think about that question, he is living his dream.

18 months ago, Brendan started building his LinkedIn community – with the sole purpose being to add value.  During that time, Brendan has not only been engaged by Black Toyota because of his network, he has built a community whose numbers have reached over 1800, and his monthly live events have hit over 260 visitors.

I spent a day with Brendan – and I discovered something rare.  He is someone who genuinely cares about his community, and goes and above and beyond to help them.  

Over the next few days we will be sharing more insights into how Brendan Goleby is living his dream.

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