Sales VA and Insightly CRM

An Insight Into Insightly

Over the last 12 months, on behalf of our clients, we have been working with many, many CRMs.  

As we learnt more about our clients, we continued to discover a hold point. A number of prospective customers managed client information record keeping in their own way, but without a recognisable CRM.

As an Assistant As An App Service, one which inputs data into CRMs – this was a challenge!

Sure, we could do a workaround, and input the data into a shared spreadsheet.  But we wanted our clients to understand that a CRM isn’t scary, and it is worth it.

A few of the best things about a CRM:

    1. It’s a platform that is scaleable.  It may just be you and a partner right now and you know your business, but using a CRM early on is going to help you scale your business faster, bring new team members up to speed quickly and ensure you are managing your clients well.
    2. It brings together several platforms of data, into the one platform.  (Think email, notes, contacts and tasks – all in one.)
    3. It will give you a snapshot of the key KPI’s of your sales process.

There are many more benefits of using a CRM from the start, but these are all you should need.

So, back to our challenge.  Some clients were holding off selecting a CRM because:

  1. Too many choices.  With over 40 CRMs applicable to their industry,it is difficult to make the “right” choice when they have a business to run.
  2. Too hard and time consuming to set it up.  Time.  Time.  Time.  Clients felt that it was going to take too much time to bring across the data to set it up and they didn’t know where to start.
  3. Ease of use.  Running a business takes bandwidth.  Everyone is familiar and comfortable with their own system.  Learning a new CRM takes extra bandwidth.  Is it worth it? (For the reasons listed above, of course it is!)

Once we better understood the position of our Beta Clients, we started testing some CRMs.  We concentrated on CRMs that made it easy to move clients from a spreadsheet to a CRM.

We discovered that there are over 40 of them.  Yikes!  We whittled them down to a few, and will share their stories over the next few months.  (Yes, we will work with any CRM, but bring clients into only a few, dependant on their needs.)

One of the best fits for a new or small business is Insightly.  Yesterday, our CEO, Emma Monro, visited their office in San Francisco.  Here are sometake outs for businesses considering moving from a spreadsheet to a CRM:

    • Great, welcoming vibe.  Dwight Foster, VP of Sales & Business Development, is open to new integrations, such as SalesVA, and is continually looking for ways to make it even easier for their clients to work with their CRM solution.
    • They specialise in bringing businesses across from no CRM or using Excel as a CRM.
    • They have put a lot of work into making their integrations seamless – if you already use Google Apps and Gmail, you are going to love how that works with Insightly.
    • Under two users is free

If you are an Insightly user, what do you love about your CRM?

Keep an eye out over the next week for our How To Video Series on setting up Insightly, as your CRM.