Steve Claydon

5 Year Old You

Tony Robbins talks about kids being the best negotiators on the planet.  They just don’t know how to take a no!  Think about it – kid is standing at the supermarket aisle, and they want a lolly.  They ask and ask and ask, in 50 different ways, till they end up with a lolly!  

When we were talking to Steve Claydon about what he talks to his clients about, he shared with us about his conversations around ‘Reverting back to the 5 year old you.’

You are awesome when you are 5.  You have copious amounts of energy.  You can eat whatever you want.  You bring playfulness to everything you do.  You have no filter.  And you work out a way to get what you really want.

Now, all those things are great.  But the absolute best thing about being a 5 year old is that you can BE whatever you want.  Which makes one think.  What was the turning point when our dreams got dulled?  What was the event, or sentence, or person, that made you dull down your dreams?

The question to ask from here is, “What would need to happen, for your current dream to become a reality?”