Steve Claydon

Social and Sales

Social can be tricky for Sales People.  Creating that balance between the brand you represent, and your personal brand that your customers truly connect with.  

Steve Claydon is an avid user of Social Media.  He not only offers a lot of regular content, he uses the different platforms to distribute the content differently.

Here are his suggestions:

LinkedIn:  Keep it super professional, post in the ‘Publish a Post’ section rather than the ‘Share an Update.’

Instagram:  Keep it for family photo’s.

Facebook:  Use it for free content and the start of the sales funnel – sell low ticket items here to get people into your sales funnel.  This of it as a ‘get to know you.’

Twitter:  Short, sharp and to the point with hashtags.  

In our opinion, Social is being handled at a corporate level, but Sales People as a whole are wondering where to go.  We have an upcoming interview series on the CEO of a company called Social Survey – specialising in managing the online reputation of sales people – register here to get first access to the interview.

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