Nice To Meet You – How Would You Like To Be Communicated With?

This one is for the Sales People who are meeting numerous people per day.

It’s one for the Sales People who are really present with those they sit in front of.

The Sales People who really, truly, want to serve their clients.

To give them the best solution for their challenges.

But who are struggling to communicate with their clients in they style that their CLIENTS want to receive communication.

I am sure you have left at least 1 client meeting a week and felt that you missed creating a true connection with that client.  And that’s fine – you can’t connect with everyone.

But we can learn the techniques that will help us connect with more of them.

And the techniques will not only make your job easier – it will make the client happier – and that’s what we all want, isn’t it?

This short video will explain how to connect with your clients and build rapport in 2 minutes.  It sounds simple, but if you apply and practice these techniques, your connection ratio will improve massively.

PS. Feel free to use this information with your team!

PPS.  Want to make an even better connection once you have a signature on the dotted line?  Ask them how they would like to be communicated with… and then do it!


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