Don’t Sell Shoes To People Who Wear Thongs

Having a full sales funnel is the best! You’re busy, you feel like you are being productive, you’re hitting lots of your benchmarks in phone calls and appointments etc…

But you still aren’t hitting your targeted sales number!

Aargh! What is going wrong?

There are 2 things to ALWAYS keep in mind when it comes to lead generation.

1. Who is your target?

Here is a reminder for you. “Don’t sell shoes to people who wear thongs.” Simple. When you are prospecting, ask yourself, does this client wear shoes or thongs? Have no idea what I am talking about? Check out the video below.

2. How is your stature and what is your headspace, around picking up the phone?

Your stature plays a HUGE importance in determining your headspace, and how clients receive you on the phone. Stand up, pull your shoulders back, clear your throat.

These are both simple things that we all tend to forget about after a while.

Consider this your reminder!


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