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#dayinthelife To Be A Success, You Can’t Be A Secret

As sales people, we often focus on the face to face skills that it takes to be successful in this career.  But as a great mentor once said, “If you aren’t make enough sales TTMP – talk to more people.”

One way to do this is to get not only comfortable on camera, but confident.  If you can connect, engage and motivate people, on video, your reach is going to far outweigh your competitors that are staying locally in their office.

In our @dayinthelife conversation with Natasha Zuvela, of Shine on Camera, we discovered the perfect mindset to adapt to the current selling environment.

To be a success, you can’t be a secret.

There can be no more hiding behind a desk, behind a phone, and staying local.  Opportunity abounds for us to sell globally, to connect more deeply, to share more authentically, by having the confidence to Shine on Camera.

From a selling perspective, no matter how great your product/service is, your clients want to connect with YOU!  And the best way to do that is with video.

So how are you going to engage your clients going forward?

You can connect with Natasha Zuvela, from Shine on Camera here.  


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