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Prospecting 100 New Contacts a Week – What does it look like?

A team member that prospects 100 new people a week?  It’s a sales managers’ dream come true! It’s no easy feat though. Brendan Goleby, of Black Toyota, does exactly that.  100 new prospects per week.  But how?  With much planning and dedication. Here are some of Brendan’s tips: Starting at 5am with LinkedIn database maintenance […]

Selling in The Country – It’s all about community.

When you have a role which is all about building a community, you better make sure you are genuine about it.  The community you are serving will see through you quickly, if you are doing it purely for your own needs.   People of the country will also quickly identify a salesperson who sells via […]

A Day In The Life of The Dream Job

What does your dream job look like? Brendan Goleby doesn’t need to think about that question, he is living his dream. 18 months ago, Brendan started building his LinkedIn community – with the sole purpose being to add value.  During that time, Brendan has not only been engaged by Black Toyota because of his network, […]

What Do You Want From Your CRM?

At least 5 times a day, we hear these words from prospective clients… “I hate my CRM, it’s too complicated.” And our response is, “Well what do you want your CRM to do?” Silence.   Before searching Google for Best CRM, take the time to sit down and make a workflow of what you need […]

Top 5 Outsourcing Options for A Sales Person.

Onshoring.  Offshoring.  Nearshoring.  ‘I just want to sit on the beach’ shoring. (Obligatory ‘working from the beach’ shot.  Pffft!  Who wants sand in their laptop?!?  Photo from the great people at www.deathtostockphoto.com ) – It’s the trendy discussion to have. But when it comes to B2B selling, outsourcing is only just being brought into the […]

The Secret Language of Your CRM

There is a language that isn’t taught in any school on the planet.  It isn’t a spoken language, it is only ever typed. And it isn’t HTML. It’s The Secret Language of Your CRM. And every industry has it’s own dialect of this language. Let’s face it – every person using a CRM also has […]

The 2 Networking Follow Up Actions – To Impress Beyond Measure.

Networking events.  Some people love them.  Some people loathe them.  However you feel about them, there is no point in attending if you don’t do anything with them. Your pre-networking event routine is a whole other post.  Today, let’s focus on what happens after. Does this sound familiar to you? You connected with a handful […]

Don’t Sell Shoes To People Who Wear Thongs

Having a full sales funnel is the best! You’re busy, you feel like you are being productive, you’re hitting lots of your benchmarks in phone calls and appointments etc… But you still aren’t hitting your targeted sales number! Aargh! What is going wrong? There are 2 things to ALWAYS keep in mind when it comes […]