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Day in the life of Tanya Williams, Chief of Everything

I have been running Digital Conversations for over 18 months.  Also, I have just launched a new business, in custom digital training, called Sofistika, with a business partner. I don’t class myself as a salesperson, but I do pitch to clients.  So one can sale I am in sales. I am usually up bright and early, (not […]

The Challenges of Managing a Family Business.

We are going through an interesting change in management this year.  Dad originally owned and has been very involved in the business… until this year.  With Dad letting go of the reigns, we have had to redefine our family relationship, our business relationship, how we manage the business, our vision and how we see ourselves. […]

Make Your Customers Feel Good.

“Everything we do is geared around the customer.  Even if a customer is unhappy, it’s a challenge that we love to deal with.  Nothing feels better than understanding why a customer is unhappy, searching out why, and delivering a solution which makes them jump over the moon.  The only type of customer that I struggle […]

Creating a Culture To Be Proud Of.

We’ve mentioned the team affectionately known as ‘The Triplets’ in a previous post.  But in case you missed it, meet Millie, Bron and Kayla. A central focus of building the culture in this business is evident in Graham’s comments on his focus with these talented, young ladies,  “When members of our team leave our employment, […]

The Bermuda Triangle.

Every office has it’s Bermuda Triangle. The one at @hippockettoowoomba just happens to be inhabited by the trio of ladies affectionately known as The Triplets. There is a unique dynamic between The Triplets. Millie, Bron and Kayla all have different strengths and challenges that they bring to the team. They know what they are great […]

Investing In Your Team.

“Our Mum always taught us that to create a cohesive work (and family) environment, that everyone is to have morning tea together.” Graham and Nic are serious about this.  Appointments are made around morning tea.  And everyone shows up for it.  When customers come in during this time, they are welcomed and one of the […]

Always Adding Value

Adding value to the community is a constant driving force for Brendan.  One of the ways he does this is to meet with local business owners and update their LinkedIn profiles for them.  In this meeting with Andrew Williams, owner of Elders Warwick, Brendan firstly delve into why Andrew could use LinkedIn to build his […]

On The Road Again: A guide to building a database when on the move.

“You’ve got to be clear on your purpose when using LinkedIn.  My purpose is to bring the local community together, add value to them and identify opportunity for Black Toyota when appropriate.  It’s all about keeping top of mind in the community.  LinkedIn happens to be the best online platform for our community.  I spend […]

Trucks & Roo’s: The Hazards of Selling in The Bush.

“Driving great distances has it’s perks, but also it’s dangers.  I make phone calls when I’m in range.  But I also need to keep an eye out for Kangaroo’s.  They can cause serious damage.  A bull bar will only protect you so much.  If one comes through your windscreen you are in serious trouble.  Other […]