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Social and Sales

Social can be tricky for Sales People.  Creating that balance between the brand you represent, and your personal brand that your customers truly connect with.   Steve Claydon is an avid user of Social Media.  He not only offers a lot of regular content, he uses the different platforms to distribute the content differently. Here […]

All in or Nothing

Growing up, Steve Claydon was an ‘All in or nothing guy.’  He had many a wacky business idea, he tried lots of things out, he failed a lot, but he also succeeded – and he followed the success to where he is today.   But let’s start with that first wacky business idea.  It started […]

5 Year Old You

Tony Robbins talks about kids being the best negotiators on the planet.  They just don’t know how to take a no!  Think about it – kid is standing at the supermarket aisle, and they want a lolly.  They ask and ask and ask, in 50 different ways, till they end up with a lolly!   […]

The Truth Always Wins.

What place does truth have in the sales process? The highest of places, says Steve Claydon. You know that unless you put a clients mind at ease, they are initially going to have a prejudice against you at the start of your relationship… unless you give them reason to think otherwise.   Steve Claydon started […]

#dayinthelife of Steve Claydon.

Steve Claydon, is a #1 Best Selling Author of ‘The Diary of a S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Driven Kid’ and ‘Sales Juice – A Concentrated and Complete Selling System’. Children’s Author of ‘Sammy the Salmon – Go Against The Flow’. Thought Leading Sales Trainer/Motivational Speaker, Creator of the ‘Foresight Selling System’, Managing Director of Equip Consulting Australia and […]

#dayinthelife: Financial Planning, Gratitude & X-Plan

The Financial Planning industry has come under heavy fire over the past few years.  It has gone through copious amounts of change, including a massive amount of regulation increases, compliance and auditing overhauls and a rebuilding of trust with the general population.   Those who have not only survived, but have flourished during this period […]

A Quick Analogy…

Monte Huebsch, from Aussie Web, explains what Sales VA does for clients. #crm #data #file notes #salespeople #admin A video posted by Sales VA (@salesva) on Jan 20, 2016 at 6:47pm PST

Using Excel As Your CRM

Millions of businesses around the world recognise the importance of keeping all of their contacts, and sales activities, in one place.  They don’t necessarily want all of the features of a cloud based CRM, but want to be able to do the following: keep records of client details keep records of client interactions keep records […]

An Insight Into Insightly

Over the last 12 months, on behalf of our clients, we have been working with many, many CRMs.   As we learnt more about our clients, we continued to discover a hold point. A number of prospective customers managed client information record keeping in their own way, but without a recognisable CRM. As an Assistant As An App Service, one which […]