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#dayinthelife Issue #1: Lack of Confidence.

The more experienced one gets, the more one realises that everyone is winging it, everyone has the same fears, and that which divides us is confidence.   In our @dayinthelife feature with Natasha Zuvela, we discussed that most of the real work to be confident on camera, actually happens off camera. The driving force behind […]

#dayinthelife To Be A Success, You Can’t Be A Secret

As sales people, we often focus on the face to face skills that it takes to be successful in this career.  But as a great mentor once said, “If you aren’t make enough sales TTMP – talk to more people.” One way to do this is to get not only comfortable on camera, but confident. […]

The Juggle of Business and Family.

A commitment to being world class in your business, while being dedicated to deep relationships with your family and friends is a commitment which requires a clear mind… and 2 cups of coffee in the morning! We visited Natasha Zuvela for this #dayinthelife feature.  Natasha is the CEO of Shine on Camera – a business […]

Selling Into a New Area

Visiting a new area where you want to build business? Start your research 8 weeks before as to whom you want to meet with. Connect with them on LinkedIn, send them a meaningful, personalised introduction email once they’ve accepted your request. If they respond, schedule a Skype call at least 2 weeks out from your […]

SalesVA User Case #001

SalesVA user, Anoop Anchal, talks about how he used the SalesVA app and service today to save himself 30 mins in administration time. #sales #business #CRM SalesVA user, Anoop Anchal, talks about how he used the SalesVA app and service today to save himself 30 mins in administration time. #sales #business #CRM A video posted […]

Sales VA #livemeeting #ep001

Yes! We are now broadcasting live, our internal and distributors sales meeting. Every Tuesday 7am AEST/ 1pm Monday PT. Get a unique insight into how a fast growing company runs its sales meetings, engages its distributors and creates opportunities for its clients to be more productive. #sales #meetings #business A video posted by Sales VA […]

Managing The Sales Process in a Startup

So, here is the crux of it.  You may be crazy busy with everything that is going on in your business, but without focusing on sales, you won’t have a sustainable way to keep the business going.  And while you’re being pulled between 1000 different directions, building momentum within your pipeline and sales team is […]

#dayinthelife of Social Survey CEO, Scott Harris

Being the CEO of a fast growing start up in San Francisco is the type of busy, crazy, exciting, heart pounding hustle that every Entrepreneur dreams about, right? That’s exactly the stage that Social Survey is at, and with 6500 users, they are hitting the right milestone. We convinced Social Survey CEO, Scott Harris, to […]

50000 Hours Per Night…

Hi.  Emma Monro, CEO of Sales VA here. I just realised after my sales call with a Real Estate brand, that we would be saving 50,000 hours per night in administration time for those sales people, and giving it back to them and their families. Just a quick note to check in and say, that […]