Brendan Goleby and Andrew Williams

Always Adding Value

Adding value to the community is a constant driving force for Brendan.  One of the ways he does this is to meet with local business owners and update their LinkedIn profiles for them.  In this meeting with Andrew Williams, owner of Elders Warwick, Brendan firstly delve into why Andrew could use LinkedIn to build his network.  Together, they identified how much time Andrew would need to invest on a weekly basis, along with who he would be able to initiate a connection with.

Once the strategy was agreed upon, the focus was moved to making sure that Andrew’s profile was in alignment with that strategy.  With the ‘real’ work done, conversation naturally flowed to wider business topics – including the upcoming Black Toyota Hilux launch.

And that is how business in the country is done.  Genuine people with a genuine purpose… using online tools to connect.

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