Steve Claydon

All in or Nothing

Growing up, Steve Claydon was an ‘All in or nothing guy.’  He had many a wacky business idea, he tried lots of things out, he failed a lot, but he also succeeded – and he followed the success to where he is today.  

But let’s start with that first wacky business idea.  It started in the playground.  His friend was selling some of his old toys for $1 each.  Steve came up with another strategy.  He bundled all of his old toys, and sold raffle tickets for $1 each.  He sold 24 tickets, and the winner got all of the toys!  Talk about a winning strategy!

That experience taught Steve that doing it differently can bring massively more successful results.  He has taken that experience to heart and applied it over and over again.  There is a big lesson there for all of us.

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