A Day In The Life of a Salesperson.

So, I started my Sales Meetings really early the other day… so early, that I was able to capture the sunrise… and what a beauty it was!

On the 2 hour drive to my next appointment, I spent some time thinking about what sort of day my fellow salespeople will be having.  I know that some don’t start till 10am, and have their last appointment at 9pm.  Others, like me, start their day at 4am, but ‘kind of’ finish by 4pm.

Some schedule 6 sales meetings in a day.  Others only 2.

The curious side of me has decided to learn more, and so, open an invitation for submissions for a series we are calling:

A Day In The Life of a Salesperson.  

If you are a passionate salesperson, who would like to lift the lid, the good and the bad, on what we ‘do’ during our day, then please, feel free to submit the following!

1.  5 images of your day.  Be it of scenes, your desk, your office, your clients.  (You will need to get any people in the images to sign a waiver – you can print however many you need here.)

2.  50 words to describe each image provided.

3.  Your name, your company, and your LinkedIn profile/website url. (Your LinkedIn profile picture will be used.)

And email it all to with a subject line of ‘A Day in The Life.’

It may seem like a bit of effort, for a bit of exposure and raising your profile, but it will also create a difference in that 1 day, a bit of playfulness, if you like… and we could all do with a bit more of that!

I look forward to learning more about you through what you submit, and featuring them on our blog over time.

Have a productive day,

Emma Monro – CEO of Sales VA Pty Ltd.

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