With SalesVA your virtual assistant completes your time-consuming client relationship record keeping.

You don’t need to be on a tablet or computer to log your data. Just send a voice recording through your SalesVA Phone App.

When your voice memo is received, your virtual assistant completes your data entry quickly, precisely and securely.

There is no minimum contract period. There are no minimum numbers.

There are no establishment or upfront costs, only a monthly fee. For $5/ day/ user, our clients save around an hour a day.

Your virtual assistant will securely input your data into your preferred CRM. Your recording remains private and your virtual assistant securely completes your data entry. 

SalesVA works with all CRMs


Modern selling isn’t about data entry.

SalesVA understands that it’s not the data that is of most value – it is what you do with it.

Here are the SalesVA benefits and outcomes:

  • When your voice memo is received through a recording on the SalesVA App your virtual assistant logs your CRM notes, including actions.
  • Your client follow up can start immediately, as your virtual assistant can email your client a personal message with confirmation of actions and collateral.
  • Your virtual assistant also logs reminders for you to follow up.
  • The CRM input notes ensures quality CRM data for Sales Team Legacy = quicker start up time for new team members.

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Our SalesVA partners are typically cloud based or CRM agencies who understand the importance of quality data capture.

We are currently accepting expressions of interest from agencies interested in representing our SalesVA product.

If you are interested in representing SalesVA, please email us to receive our qualification application.


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